6 x Garnier Nutritionist Day & Night Twin Pack

Garnier Skin Naturals Nutritionist Regenerating daily moisturiser For skin more resilient to ageing Omega 3 + Magnesium Dry.

Nutritionist is Garniers first regenerating daily moisturiser, developed to help counterbalance nutritional deficiencies of the skin and to reinforce skin's natural defences against the elements.

Nutritionist regenerating moisturiser helps skin to be more resilient to ageing thanks to its high-performance cell energising complex which combines: Omega 3 + 6, extracted from oil of rose hip, are essential fatty acids that are part of the cell membrane to deeply hydrate and reinforce the skin's defences.

Magnesium, extracted from Kiwi fruit, energises epidrmal cells to stimulate cell renewal. It also contains Lipo-peptides, extracted from Hazelnuts, which stimulate the natural production of epidermal lipids, to deeply hydrate your skin.

From day one, your skin is deeply hydrated and velvety smooth. 

Full size items, can be sold as a set or individally to maximise margins.

Pack Size: 6 units @ £6.95 each (RRP £16.99 each)
Price: £41.70
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