6 x Garnier Skin Naturals Hydralock Moisturising Milk 400ml

Garniers new Hydralock Soft Textured Moisturising Milk has been created for normal to dehydrated skin, it locks in moisture for up to 24 hours and is 2x more moisturising than their normal moisturiser.

The moisturising milk intensively hydrates skin. Skin will be left looking beautifully dewy while feeling hydrated and revitalised.

Enriched with 5% Hydro-Urea, Hydralock helps lock moisture into the skin.

The unique non-greasy and non-sticky formula works to retain moisture in skin by preventing water lost through evaporation, it helps to soften the skin's outer layer, allowing for moisturising ingredients to be absorbed with ease.

Pack Size: 6 units @ £2.00 each (RRP £5.69 each)
Price: £12.00
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